Game Android Terbaik - Bagian 2

Best Android Games of the Year 2012 - Part 2

6. Grinsia : There aren't many dungeon crawlers with this particular style and feel on the Android market. That is why Grimsia stands out. Old school, Japan-like and very strategic, you will have to navigate the many included dungeons, find items that give you more boost and have the time of your life. The 16-bit era visuals work great and the volumetric representation of the dungeons will truly make you lose countless hours playing this one. Try it at your own expense and do your best to survive for as long as you can. There are a lot of items to find, a lot of characters to interact with and, if you are interested the story itself will weave itself out and captivate you.

5. Sonic CD : On the slate or phone? Well isn't that cool! Those that grew up in the 90s will certainly remember the blue-haired, always on the move hedgehog. The game has been released on Android at the beginning of the year, to the surprise and enjoyment of fans and also for those that never played the games before. This release is an almost 1/1 copy of the initial game, but areas have been polished and made easier to control on phones and tablets. Give it a fast spin; re-live the childhood moments, now on your mobile devices. It's the fast paced platform monster we love.

4. Football Manager Handheld Edition : Just like the name says, this game is a re-run of the football management game released for Android, but now cleaner, with better controls and with an updated database of players and teams. Just like the best PC football managers, you can choose the level of detail that you want to manage. If you want to do everything manually you can do too, but you can also automate a lot of activities. One session can take as long as you want, it is after all a turn-based strategy and you can set your own goals.

3. Dark Legends : Although it seems improbable, Dark Legends is a complete MMO experience, now available on the go on your slate or smart phones. There are a couple of nuisances, such as freemium content, customizations that become available through micro transactions, but, the level of detail and engagement, given the nature of the game is immense. If you can leave your WOW game along and need something to take its place on the go, this is it ?a fully fledged MMO, with the mechanics, characteristics, world and interaction that you learned to expect from desktop MMOs.

2. Angry Birds Space : The Angry birds are taking over the world galaxy and it is you who needs to try it out. Remember how you used to point and shoot your porcine enemies in the initial version. Well now, you can do it in space. New challenges, new mechanics, somewhat reminiscent of Osmos (see above) and the same incredibly fun! It's at number 2 because it's the type of game you will most certainly try. It's dense, can be played on the go in small sessions and it will bring a genuine smile on your face. Hate the hype, but the game stands out on its own and is an incredible experience.

1. Draw Something : OMGPOP has truly hit on something with this weird game/social media experiment. The game has reached critical mass quite fast and is now one of the most shared experiences on the Android devices. It's quite simple frankly; you get to draw something and your friends will have to guess what it is. It's competitive, fun, it connects with your friends in a novel way and it also gives you a reason to doddle, be creative. Give it a try and see what all the hype is about.

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