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Best Android Games of the Year 2012 - Part 1

While the year is far from over and the number of entertainment and games applications designed for the Android phones and tablets will still grow, given the recent tendency for more powerful devices, especially quad core processors that can manage Android OS, a look at this year's crop this far is welcomed! Of course, our top has a level of subjectivity to it, some people may not be that much into all the genres presented, but, for the most part, everyone should find something of interest along those lines. So without further ado, here are the best Android gaming apps so far:

10. Death Rally FREE : Released a year back on iOS, this game is rooted in the PC classic with the same name. It's a fast paced top down driving game, and it sure has a lot of entertainment value for those that want a few minutes of action. The game combines weaponry with driving to create something unique, entertaining and challenging. A must for those looking for a blast from the past dressed in modern clothing and designed for the higher resolution displays of most Android devices.

9. 8-bit Ninja : If you want something in the same lines as Fruit Ninja, you simply cannot go wrong with this one. The idea is that this is a platform game but expect a few surprises along the way. Each screen progressively brings new challenges to the table and gives you more option for you. In terms of design, this is a colorful game, fast paced and well designed for a few minutes game play when you need to take a break.

8. Anomaly Warzone Earth HD : A tower defense game at its core, with a history of PC versions and an incredible following, the title made its way onto the Android platform at the beginning of 2012. This is an involving game, you will be tasked with preventing an invasion in a certain town, and depending on the mission, and you will be engaged. You won't leave it down until you've found the right pattern of troop placement, the winning strategy. A must try for any tower defense fanatic and for the light, on the move strategist. Make no mistake though; this one will hook you up for go!

7. Osmos HD : This one is a personal favorite of mine. It's a Zen like experience, strategic but very nicely structured and with a very powerful visual theme. You have to grow your blob, a physical or maybe chemical round shaped entity that moves through a colloidal space. Eat smaller entities and avoid contact with the bigger ones, that's the essence of the game. Controlling the blob will exhaust its matter, so you have to be very careful how and when to plan your attacks. Very atmospheric, the game will put you in a state of contemplation but will also throw you some very fast paced action portions. You should definitely give this game a try.


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